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Earth Day 2012

Computer Bazaar and Recycling

1.      Tables are available for $10. Locations are on a first-come first-serve basis and the fee is collected upon entry.

2.      Sellers must register with RICM upon entry to the Bazaar.

3.      Flea Market closes at 3:00 pm and sellers must clear the property by 4:00PM so the cleanup crew can clear any remaining trash before they leave the site.

4.    Buyers Enter Free  (donations accepted)

5.      Parking is free.

6.    Rules


The market closes at 3:00 pm and all sellers must leave the property by 4PM.


Sellers at the Bazaar must be registered before entering the flea market. See details.


A limited amount of trash and recyclables may be accepted onsite. Only ordinary trash and recyclables may be deposited for recycling: bottles and metals cans, but no cardboard. Only small non-toxic non-hazardous waste items may be trashed. Any excess material must be placed in another container or taken with you. Don't leave trash or recyclables lying on the ground.  


No alcohol, illegal drugs, or smoking are allowed on the premise.


No Toxic Waste may be left at the flea market or in the trash. This includes: Batteries, Fluorescent lights, Electronics, Computer or Television Monitors. See our recycling page for information on what to do with recycling and disposing of toxic waste.


No unauthorized food/beverage sales. The beneficiary organization running each month's flea market has exclusive food concession rights.


Please, no adult material. The market is frequented by teens and families.


All participants are expected to comply with all applicable laws, including the collection and payment of taxes.