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DEC PDP-11/23

Digital Equipment 11/23

The PDP 11/23 is a Q-Bus based 16 bit minicomputer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation. It was introduced in 1979 and is the successor of the PDP 11/03. It has a F-11 Microprocessor CPU, memory management and floating point instructions. It supports a maximum of 4 MBytes of memory.

This 11/23 was donated by Max Levy and is housed in a BA11-SA Q-Bus Chassis. A Data System Design 88-D30 chassis housing an 8" floppy and a hard drive is installed in the top of the DEC 1/2 rack. It was used to create data for the PDP-9.

The system contains the following boards:

Slot# Module# Option Description
1 M8186 KDF11-AC 11/23 CPU
2 M8059KC MSV11-LK 128-Kword MOS RAM, single voltage
3 M7941 DRV11 16-bit parallel line unit
4 M7941 DRV11 16-bit parallel line unit
5 M7941 DRV11 16-bit parallel line unit
6 ? DSD Disk Controller
7 H-11-2 ?
8 M8043 DLVJ1-M 4-Line Asynchronous Interface
9 H-15-5 Serial
DSD 8" Floppy/Winchester box.
RT11 V5.03 is installed on the hard drive. It boots and runs OK.
The console port is set to 9600,N,8,1
To Do:
Make boot floppy.
Get M8186-?? module number for CPU.