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DEC PDP-11/15

S/N 4720

This DEC PDP-11/15 has an OEM front panel overlay from Applied Color Systems, Inc. Princeton, New Jersey. ACS-Datacolor, is a world leader in computer control systems for the textile, paint, plastics, inks and printing industries. This system was most likely used for color matching.

The system was originally a very simple configuration with a KC11 processor, a simpler design than the KA11 processor used in the PDP-11/20, two DL11A Asynchronous ports, an MM11E 4kW Core Memory, and a Unibus cable that went to the TC11 DECtape controller in the top of the chassis. A TU56 tape drive was the only mass storage.

Unfortunately the backplanes and boards were removed, but the power supply and fans remain. Some day we may find backplanes and a KC11 processor board set, and get this system running.

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PDP-11/15 S/N 4720

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