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This 8A400 BP system was donated by John Wilson on 12-18-19.
The chassis serial number is AG10812 and was build 28/OCT/77.

The H9300 12-slot chassis contains:
  • KC8-AA Programmer's Panel
  • KK8-A M8315 8/a CPU
  • DKC8-AA M8316 I/O Option Board, Serial Console, RTC, Parallel Interface, Programmer's Console Interface
  • KM8-A M8317 Extended Option Board, Memory Extension and Timeshare Control, Bootstrap, Auto Restart
    • The option ROMS are 158A2 and 159A2
  • MM8-AA H219A 8k Core Memory
  • MM8-AA H219A 8k Core Memory
  • Special Brown & Sharpe Interface
  • M8357 RX8/E Diskette Controller
There are three Brown & Sharpe devices mounted in the top of the cabinet that have digital displays and marked X, Y, and Z. We think that these are part of a coordinate measuring system that was controlled by the PDP-8/a.

Configuration Settings:

Option Board I

Extended Option Board II

Click on the image for a larger view.
The 3x Brown 7 Sharpe devices, DEC RX01 Floppy, and the DEC PDP-8/a in a non-DEC cabinet.

Click on the image for a larger view.
The boards in the 8A400 chassis.
Top to bottom:
  • M8315 KK8-A PDP-8/A CPU board
  • M8216 DKC8-AA PDP-8/A I/O serial/parallel/clock, Option #1
  • M8371 KM8-AA PDP-8/A bootstrap, powerfail, Option #2
  • H219A MM8AA 8K Core Memory
  • H219A MM8AA 8K Core Memory
  • M8319 KL8-A 4 Channel Serial I/O
  • Special Brown & Sharpe I/O
  • M8655 KL8JA Serial Terminal Control
  • M8357 RX8-E Floppy Diskette Interface (RX01, RX02)