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DEC VAX 8650

The VAX 8650, code-named "Morningstar", was introduced on 4 December 1985. It was a faster version of the VAX 8600, which was a successor to the original VAX-11/780. The VAX 8600 was the last VAX to be 100% compatible with the VAX-11/780, to have the PDP-11 compatibility mode, and to use the SBI also used by the VAX-11/78x. The CPU had a 55 ns cycle time (18.18 MHz).
There are two SCSI controllers in the Unibus chasiss. The TD Systems VIK/UTO controller emulates the TMSC protocol so an attached SCSI tape drive would look like a DEC TU81 tape drive.

This system was part of a large VAX Cluster using the DEC CI interface. The the dark octagonal spot on the right door is where the Cluster device number was. This was the primary device 1 in the cluster. This disks on this system were connected through an HSC90 cluster controller in a separate cabinet. There were other smaller VAXen and large storage devices in the Cluster.
This is the I/O backplane at the far right of the cabinet. Slot 1 is at the far right.
 Slot  Part
Name  Description
 1   Empty  
 2   Empty  
 3   Empty  
 4  M9302    11/04 UNIBUS terminator, far end
 5 M9040 SBI-0 Terminator 
 6  Filler  Filler  
 7  Filler  Filler  
 8  Filler  Filler  
 9  Filler  Filler  
 10   Empty  
 11  Filler  Filler  
 12  Filler  Filler  
 13  Filler  Filler  
 14  Filler  Filler  
 15   Empty  
 16  M8270  USI DW780-MA SBI Interface
 17  M8271  UCB DW780-MA Control Board 
 18  M8272  UMD DW780-MA Maps and Data Paths
 19  M8273  UDA DW780-MA Unibus Address and Int
 20   Empty  
 21  L0104 ISI CI780-MA CI SBI Interface Module
 22  L0102 IDP CI780-MA CI Data Path Module
 23  L0101 IPB CI780-MA CI Packet Buffer Mmodule
 24 L0118 ILI CI780-MA CI Link Interface Module

This is the ABus between the CPU and the I/O chassis

 Slot  Part
Name  Description
1 L0224 STM SBIA / ABus Terminator Module
2 L0202 SBS DB86-AA SBI Interface Module
3 L0203 SBA DB86-AA ABus Interface Module
4  Filler  Empty  
5  Filler  Empty  

CPU chassis

 Slot  Part
Name  Description
1    Empty  Spare
2 L0201 CSL  Console
3 L0215 CSA  EBox Control Store A
4 L0216 CSB  EBox Control Store B
5 L0210 EBC  EBox Control 1
6 L0211 EBD  EBox Control 2
7 L0213 FBM FP86-AA  FBox Floating Point Multiplier
8 L0212 FBA FP86-AA  FBox Floating Point Adder
9 L0219 EBE  EBox WBUS Registers
10 L0209 EDP  EBox Data Path
11 L0231 CLK  Clock for KA86
12 L0214 ICB  IBox Control B
13 L0207 ICA  IBox Control A
14 L0206 IDP  IBox Data Path
15 L0208 IDB  IBox Instruction Buffer Data Path
16 L0204 MCD  MBox Cache Data
17 L0205 MAP  MBox Address Path
18 L0230 MCC  MBox Cache Control

Memory chassis

 Slot  Part
Name  Description
1 L0225  MS86-CA  16 MB RAM, MOS541PT
3 L0225 MS86-CA   16 MB RAM, MOS541PT
5 L0225  MS86-CA  16 MB RAM, MOS541PT
7 L0235 MS86D  64 MB RAM
8 L9200     Memory Load Module
9 L0222  MTM  Memory Terminator Module

BA11 Q-Bus and Unibus chassis
The Q-Bus is connected to the CSL board and is used to boot RT-11 on the T-11 processor.
The CSL board can be used to run diagnostics, load microcode into the VAX processor, and start the system boot process.

 Slot AB CD EF
29 Q-Bus   M9400YB 120-ohm Terminators
28 Q-Bus M8659 LSI-11 Bus Grant Card  
27 Q-Bus M8061 RL01/RL02 Disk Control
26 Q-Bus  M8659 LSI-11 Bus Grant Card M9403 Cable Connector for Expansion Box
24     M9302 11/04 UNIBUS Terminator, Far End
23   G727 Grant Continuity Card  
22 M7867 DUP11-DA U SDLC or DDCMP Sync Interface
21     M9202 UNIBUS Connector
19   G727 Grant Continuity Card M9202 UNIBUS Connector
18 USDC 10-1158-02 SCSI Controller
17   G727 Grant Continuity Card  
13 TD Systems VIK/UTO TMSC SCSI Tape  
8 M8398 DMZ32 U 24-line Async Interface
4 M7521 DELUA-AA U UNIBUS to Ethernet Adapter



VAX 8560 Main Processor Cabinet
The VAX 8650 processor with the access covers closed. The black units at the top are power supplies.
Lots of boards to make a CPU!
Left to right: Memory, CPU, A Bus, I/O
The back of the 8650. The red warning labels tell you to take off your rings and watches before working in this area.

VAX 8650 I/O Cabinet
The RL02 10 MB disk drive is used by the PDP-11/03 service processor to load the microcode.
The box below the RL02 is the Unibus I/O expansion chassis.