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Heathkit H-11

Heathkit H-11
S/N 1286/01

The Heathkit H-11 has a LSI-11 bus (Q-Bus) based PDP 11/03 16 bit CPU board manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation. The entire chassis was manufactured by Heathkit. The backplane is a little unusual because the boards are installed with the components facing downward. Heathkit was later acquired by Zenith
After the acquisition, H19s became available with Zenith's branding as the Z19 in 1979The Heathkit H27 RX01 compatible dual floppy drive has a switch on it and special software so it can format RX01 diskettes.
Unibus Chassis
M7270 KD11-HA LSI-11/2 CPU, 16-bit
MSC4601 Monolithic Systems Corp. 64K RAM, 4x8x64kb
H-11-5 (1) DLV11E/F Serial
H27 RXV11 RX01 Floppy Controller
H-11-5 (2) DLV11E/F Serial
H-11-5 (3) DLV11E/F Serial

Serial Board Jumpers:
V3 V4 V5 V6 V7
(1) in out out in in
(2) in out out in in
(3) in in in in out

To Do:
Figure out the jumpers on the serial boards.
Figure out which serial board is the console.
Fix serial board jumpering because two are the same.
Boot RT from the floppy.