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MAI Basic/Four Model 8000

MAI Basic/Four Model 8000
This Basic/Four 8000, manufactured by MAI of Irvine, California was the primary system for Soluol Chemical Company, West Warwick, Rhode Island from its installation in 1975 through at least two major upgrades. When it was finally retired in 1997 it was believed to be the last of its type on the East Coast.

From the labels on the back of the three cabinets we have:
  • 4006, LG-MODULAR BUSINESS SYSTEM 514006 8010/15/20/30-"L.C.NEWPORT"
  • 4106, LG-MAINFRAME/DISK MOD ASSY 514106 8010/15/20/30-"L.C.NEWPORT"
  • 4106D, LG-MAINFRAME/DISK MOD ASSY 514106 8010/15/20/30-"L.C.NEWPORT"
  • 4501, P-DISK ASSY (66/154MB) 514501 "NEWPORT"
  • F880640-90-1025U, 1/2" MAG TAPE DRIVE
Click on the image for a larger view of the front without the covers.
The center and right cabinets are part of the normal system.
The cabinet on the left is just for the additional 154MB disk.
The 154MB disk in the center was removed for shipping and needs to be mounted on the sliding rails.

Click on the image for a larger view of the rear.

The Cipher 1/2" tape drive for the 8000.
The ID label from the Priam 154 MB disk drive in the middle cabinet.