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MASSCOMP S54-01 and 5400

These MASSCOMP 54S-01 and 5400 systems have the MASSCOMP label on them, so they were manufactured after the 1981 founding of the company, but before the 1988 merger with Concurrent Computer Corporation. They were donated to the RICM by the Ford Motor Company on 4/8/16.

MASSCOMP developed their own version of Real-Time UNIX (RTU) for real-time computing and high-speed data acquisition. They provided extensive software tools to acquire analog or digital data at very high speeds, and then analyze the data. A Google search of "MASSCOMP EF12M" shows some very interesting research performed by these systems.
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The S54-01 is on the right and the 5400 is on the left.

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The back of the S54-01.
The S5400 looks identical, but has different Interrupt and Reset switches.

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One of the MASSCOMP EF12M Analog-Digital I/O boards.