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Texas Instruments System 1500

This is a TI S1520 system with a 68030 processor. It ran the TI Unix operating system that was derived from AT&T System V UNIX Release 3. This system uses the NUBUS for I/O, the same bus structure used in some Apple Macintosh systems.

The entire TI server division was sold to HP in 1992.

The RICM has two of these systems that were donated by RCS/RI.
The TI System 1500 with two MSU-II storage units on top.
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The front of the chassis.
From left to right the boards are CPU, MSC, CCB (Communication Carrier Boards), CCB, and CCB.
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The rear of the chassis.
From right to left the boards are CPU, MSC (Mass Storage Controller), CCB (Communications Carrier Board), CCB, and CCB.
The I/O module for the CPU is SPA (Software Protection Adapter) and provides 9600 and 1200 baud serial ports.
The I/O module for the MSC has a SCSI interface for the disks and tapes.
The I/O modules for the first two CCBs are 8-channel serial interfaces.
The I/O module for left CCB is Ethernet for the LAN.
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