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NeXt Box Computer #2

1990 Model

This excellent example of the Steve Job's NeXt Box was donated to RICM by Paul Stauffer of Boston University. The NeXTcube is the 1990 model with 68040 processor, 24MB of memory, running NeXTSTEP 3.3.  It is a *complete* system, with the cube itself, original
monitor, original keyboard & mouse, original laser printer -- with unopened
"use by 1991" toner cartridge :) -- and a complete set of developers manuals
and media.  I could also throw in an original 1988 NeXT promotional poster,
if desired.  The system also has an external (non-original) 1GB SCSI hard
drive, which I believe the OS is installed on (not sure why), as well as an
externally-connected floppy drive; not sure if that's the original one that
would normally be mouted internally or not.  I just booted the system up for
the first time in 17 years, and it seemed to work flawless.