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Tandy Radio Shack 1000 HX

The 1000 HX is one of the Tandy 1000 series of PC clones that were introduced in 1984. The HX had a single 3 1/2" floppy and DOS 2.11 stored in a ROM. It was possible to configure the system to boot from the floppy disk instead of the ROM. Tandy never offered a hard disk for this system, but several aftermarket companies did. Expansion cards for the HX were electrically the same as the ISA bus in and IBM PC, but had a different connector to make them more compact.

Radio Shack says:
TANDY 1000 HX  (25-1053)         Specifications         Faxback Doc. # 1081

 Dimensions: 3.25 x 17 x 14.5               Weight: 11 lbs.
  Processor: 8088                        CPU Speed: 7.16 / 4.77 MHz 
  FCC Class: B, UL Listed              Wait States: N/A
 # OF SLOTS: (1) "Plus Style"      Add. Device Exp: (1) 3.5"
       MTBF: N/A                       Std. Memory: 256K
    Op. Sys: MS-DOS                    Max. Memory: 768K
      Video: CGA/MONO/TGA               Mem. Cache: N/A
Heat Output: 125 Btu/hr               Power Supply: 120VAC,50/60 Hz 28 Wts
 Std. Ports: Headphone-(Miniature Jack)   Keyboard: 90-Key Sculptured
             Joystick (2)-(6 Pin Din)     Math Co.: N/A (No Socket)
             Floppy Port-(30 Card Edge)     Floppy: (1) 3.5" 720K DS 80 Trk
             RGBI-(DB9 F)              Environment: Operating: 55 TO 85 F
             Centronics Parallel-(34 Card Edge)       Storage:-40 TO 160 F
             Expansion Port-(60 Pin Header M)        Humidity: 20 TO 80 %
             Composite Video-(RCA Connector)    Non-Operating: 10 to 80 %

CURRENT   BIOS ROM Version: 02.00.00     Utilities Version: N/A

There is a 1987 Tandy commercial for this model here.
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