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Toshiba T1100 Plus Portable

This Toshiba T1100 plus (1985) was donated by Carlo Simoni of Wilton New Hampshire. This was Carlo's second computer, which he used primarily for spreadsheets  and word processing for his businesses.  It was his first portable and travelled frequently with him. As you know, the Toshiba T1100 Plus was one of the first portables in the industry.   It doesn't look so portable now, but it was a quite a change from even bulkier personal computers! Now Carlo uses an HP notebook that weighs only a few pounds.


T1100 Plus Specifications

Operating  System            MS-DOS 2.11

Processor                          80C86, running    at

                                         7.16 MHz or 4.77 MHz


Memory                           640KB maximum


Diskette Drives                 Two 3.5"720KB capacity


 Display                            Liquid crystal (LCD)

                                          80 characters x 25lines

                                             9.1 x 4.7 inches

                                          640 x 200 pixels

                                          Position adjustable

                                          A full 90 degrees


Keyboard                        81keys, full size


Standard Interfaces        RGB color monitor

                                         Monochrome composite monitor

                                         Parallel printer

                                         RS-232C serial communication

                                         Full lBM-compatible I/O bus

                                         for expansion chassis

                                         Externa15,25"diskette drive







Dimensions (WxHxD)             12.1"x 2.6"x12"

Weight                              Less than10 lbs.

Power                                Built-in rechargeable

                                           NiCad batteries or AC line


Included Accessories         110 VAC adapter-recharging

                                           and line power operation

                                           Shoulder-strap case


Options                             Internal 300/1200 bps Hayes­

                                          compatible modem

                                          Expansion chassis  with five

                                          lBM-compatible slots

                                          Extemal 5.25"diskette drive

                                          Floppy link to PC diskette drive

                                           Automobile power adapter