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Test Equipment Collection

Here you'll find a quick tour of a few interesting items from the Rhode Island Computer Museum's collection of test equipment. When you click on each item below, you'll see photos--and some detailed "looks under the hood"--of some of the diagnostic tools that we acquire, create, restore, and use. Pictured at right is one view of the Data General Dasher Terminal Tester.

Before you begin clicking, are you wondering, "What on earth is an oscilloscope?" In brief: An oscilloscope is a tool that scientists, engineers, electricians, tech gurus, and hobbyists use to design and repair electronic equipment. It lets you see electronic signals. There are lots of different kinds, and we have some very old ones.

  1. Data General Dasher Terminal Tester
  2. LM-2A Logic Monitor
  3. NLS MS-230 Oscilloscope
  4. PACO S-55 Oscilloscope
  5. RS-232 Interface Analyzer/Breakout Box
  6. Tektronix 536 Oscilloscope
  7. Warren's Flip-Chip Tester
  8. Magnetic Peripherals Inc Field Test Unit

Last Update: May 2019
Data General Dasher Terminal Tester