Barcode Scanners

We are happy to announce our new "Donna Greene Collection" of  bar code scanning equipment donated by Pss of Clinton, MA.

Pss was formed in 1991. In 2004 we began to write software for retail oriented Mobile devices
We won several vendor awards in the 1990's for this effort
Our open platform  product had us developing for a large swath of devices
Many of the companies we wrote for no longer exist
Each device we developed for required them to send us at least 2 units for us to use for testing
As a result we have a quite a few in the storage room
We display about 30 units around the office 
We are no longer in the hardware business
All application we develop today run on tablets and smartphones

pss was founded by Jeff Swann and the  late  Donna M. Greene 
Donna was notorious for keeping the equipment in case it had value
So before we dispose the  100+ units I thought, in honor of her approach to see if they have use to someone and if so perhaps name the collection in her honor