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HOURS: The museum is open by appointment. However, we are usually at the Lab Saturdays between 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM with a break for lunch about 1:00 PM. Stop by the lab first and let us know if you want to see the collection in the Warehouse.

July 14, 2018
Crawford Griffith from Maryland visited today. After dropping his wife in Newport, Crawford was mostly interested in our DEC collection, and helped organize some in the warehouse. We hope he come back soon!

June 30, 2018
A generous donor dropped off a Heathkit IGW-47B Sine/Square Wave Signal Generator. We powered it on slowly with a Variac, and it actually worked. Since the Signal Generator is vacuum tube based we thought that it was only right to use a vacuum tube based oscilloscope to check it out.

June 16, 2018
Jim Fahey, an ex DEC employee who specialized in networking, dropped off some interesting documents and artifacts. The documents include an Ethernet specification from before the IEEE made it the 802 standard, and some marketing comparison documents showing why Ethernet is better than Token Ring. The artifacts include samples of just about every kind of cable that was ever used for networking, and DEC branded DOS diskettes.

May 27, 2018
Al Perlman, Chief Editor for several vintage computer magazines, dropped of six books of old magazines.   The magazines include Computer Reseller News, Information Systems News (which eventually became InformationWeek), Network Computing, Communications Week and VarBusiness. Also, a very cool issue from 1988 titled One Day in the American Computer Industry.

April 21, 2018
Stephen Cullen, an ex DEC Shrewsbury employee, dropped off a Poquet PC and a DEC PCMCIA cartridge containing DEC terminal emulator software. Apparently DEC sold these little hand held PCs. He also dropped off a complete set of Microsoft Office distributed by DEC.

March 31, 2018
Ready to rock and roll. We just picked up a Hewlett Packard 7933 Disc Drive sitting in a crate in a garage. It wa purchased at an auction in 1994 from NASA/GSFC Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. According to the shipping document it weighs 415 lbs. Thank you Bob Turner for picking this up!

March 25, 2-18
Soleil Lapierre donated A Diablo (Xerox) Model 33, and two Model 30 disk drives and a Diablo power supply. He also donated a very early DEC RX11BA diskette subsystem and a DEC PR11/PC05 paper tape reader.

March 17, 2018
David Bryant dropped off an APL version of the IBM 5100 Portable Computer, including an IBM 5103 printer and all of the original manuals and paperwork. It was originally shipped on May 20, 1977 from IBM Rochester to GEICO in MD. We also received training books and the corresponding tape cartridges.

February 10,2018
Ed Ionata and his brothers stopped by today and donated an early Apple MAC (1982). The MAC in a backpack booted right up and ran Apple works.

January 13, 2018
Hans Hübner from Berlin visited today. He was mostly interested in our VAXen, and helped consolidate all of our Symbolics systems into one location in the warehouse.

December 1, 2017
Robert Diorio donated an IBM VOM and some IBM mainframe CE handbooks. Both belonged to his father and are from the 1970s.

November 4, 2017
Mattis Lind(right) and Neil Frieband(left) visited the RICM on Saturday. Mattis and his father have their own computer museum in Dalby Sweden, including a PDP-12 like ours, and a PDP-9. When we were working on our PDP-9, Mattis made digital images of his PDP-9 diagnostic paper tapes and emailed them to us. After corresponding with Mattis for many years, is was great to actually meet him.

September 23, 2017
Dan and Mike just got back from Montreal with an interesting load of equipment from Raymond Bruton. The most interesting item is an ECRM OCR document scanner that was made in 1977 and is powered by a DEC PDP-8/m. ECRM is still in business, but has moved from Bedford to Tewksbury, MA. Maybe we can get some help restoring it.

August 10, 2017
Robert Diorio donated an IBM VOM manual, P/N 1747231, and an IBM "THINK" notepad. Both belonged to his father and are from the 1970s.

July 20, 2017
Steve Hort donated a pile of DEC flip-chips, a desktop RX02 floppy drive subsystem, a RL02 disk drive and a bunch of disk packs for it.

July 8, 2017
Vincenzo Moretti dropped off more parts from the DEC PDP-11/40 from Fairfield University.

June 10, 2017
Wayne Durkee donated a replacement typewheel for the ASR-33 Teletype that is the console for the DEC PDP-12. 

May 21, 2017
Dan and Mike did a rescue run and came back with four Data General systems; a Nova/3, a Nova/4, an Eclipse S/20, an Eclipse MV/4000, and a large assortment of test equipment and spares.

December 31, 2016
Arthur Post donated TI SR-50, SR-56, and SR-59 calculators and a TI PC 100C dock/printer for the SR-59. We also received all of the manuals, user's group documents, and lots of program for the SR-59 on magnetic cards.

July 30, 2016
We received eight IBM Model 55 Eduquest 9615-003 computers from the Bryant School in Bridgeport, CT.
These computers are new and still in the original boxes.
Dr. Douglas Lyon of Fairfield University donated diskettes Unibus boards and a DEC PDP-11/40 modified to be a PDP-11/23.

July 23, 2016
We received an IBM 5110 Portable Computer and IBM 5103 printer. This one has the APL language keyboard.

June 20, 2016
Dr. Douglas Lyon of Fairfield University donated a DEC PDP-11/40 modified to be a PDP-11/23.

May 27, 2016
John Mark Thomas donated a DEC PDP-11/23 and a MicroVAX-I, spare Unibus boards.

January 15, 2016
Clyde Hansen donated a DEC PDP-11/05 and diskette subsystem, and lots of spare boards.

December 22, 2015
CompuCom donated a Wang VS18K, a Wang VS6000 Server, a VS Century Server, and a Micro VP 2200.

February 12, 2015
Douglas W. Jones, a professor at THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Department of Computer Science, donated a COI controller for a Data General Nova computer that will control the COI LINC Tape in our collection.

January 3, 2015
We received a Heathkit EC-1 Educational Electronic Analog Computer as a donation. It is in very good cosmetic condition.

BMI Surplus donated a Systron Donner TL8-3 triple output laboratory power supply, and two Lambda Lab power supplies.
These will be very useful for testing and repairing flip-chips.

November 7, 2014
We rented a little space in The Meadows Professional Office Park is just off Route 4 in North Kingstown. We will move some of the smaller running systems and two of the PDP-8 restoration projects into this space. We hold classes on the Arduino, Raspberry PI, and introductory programming there too. Details to follow

September 29, 2014
Dan and Mike picked up an IBM S/390 mainframe and an IBM 3422 tape drive from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.

June 11, 2014
Molly Beep Beep
On June 11th, Citizens Bank donated a Bell and Howell Mail Mobile III, their mail-delivery robot, to the Rhode Island Computer Museum. At Citizens they called her Molly McMail, 

April 10, 2014
Mike was in Germany on a business trip and made arrangements to meet with Philipp Hachtmann (on the left). Philipp supplied an RX8E 8" Floppy Disk controller and a KL8E Asynchronous Interface for the PDP-8E.

March 25, 2014

"Old IBMer" Roy Carlson retired from IBM 25 plus years ago and recently donated his colle


n to RICM.  Roy serviced mainframe computers in the 60's and donated tons of parts/memorabilia for things such as an IBM System 38. If you need a specialized Fuse, RICM can now supply it!

February 21, 2014
Richard Murphy donated a large selection of NOS DEC diodes.

February 11, 2014
Dan and Mike picked up Mike's new PDP-8e. Details are in the Large Systems Collection.

BMI Surplus donated a Systron Donner TL8-3 triple output laboratory power supply.
This will be very useful for testing and repairing flip-chips.

January 26, 2014
There was a very nice article on the museum in today's Providence Journal newspaper.

January 19,2014
We received a 556 BPI 7-track magnetic tape that was written on an IBM 729 tape transport connected to an IBM 1401 system at the Computer History Museum. We will use the tape to debug the TU20 Tape Transport and TC59 Magnetic Tape Controller connected to the PDP-9.

November 28, 2013
Frank Hajdu dropped off three CDC AN/AYK-14 Airborne computers and a Compaq "suitcase" computer from the 80s.

November 21, 2013
Our friends from Belgium visited RICM today! They are starting a living computer history museum for Belgium. We wish they the best of luck and are happy to help them. They are holding one of RICM's Raspberry Pi's.

October 30, 2013
Jack Rubin donated an R303 Integrating One-Shot Flip-Chip for the PDP-9 restoration effort.

October 7, 2013
The PDP-11/23 from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory arrived. It came with lots of extra RL02 disk packs, spare boards, and documentation. It took just a few minutes to remove the transport fasteners in disk drives, and the system booted RT11 and then TSX on the first try.

August 25, 2013: Mary Hopper from the Digital Den computer museum visited today. Mary is an enthusiast for software and games starting up in Cambridge. They were happy to take some extra Apple IIc computers and Apple software. 

Mary Hopper & Mike Thompson

August 24, 2013: The RICM presented “Make your Own Video Game” workshop at the Warwick library For RI's Home Schoolers! RICM taught MIT’s Scratch Program an innovative and digitally-rich programming language for teens.

 August 3, 2013
John Meza donated an NCR System 3300 PS and lots of software to go with it.

July 30, 2013
John W. Rogers donated two B310s, four B213s and a pair of B169 modules to our PDP-9 restoration effort. These spares will be really helpful.

July 13, 2013: My friend from Germany , Joachim Ebel (on the right) came for a visit today, and took home a VIC 20.
Click on the image for a larger view.

July 5, 2013: Evan Koblentz and Jeff B. from the MARCH computer museum visited today. They have more enthusiasts for smaller systems while we like to restore the big iron, especially DEC systems. They were happy to take some extra Apple magazines and an Apple ///+ with them.

March 23, 2013 10:00AM: In recognition of Teen Tech Week, the RICM presented “Make your Own Video Game” workshop at the North Kingstown library. RICM taught MIT’s Scratch Program an innovative and digitally-rich programming language for teens.

March 9, 2013, In recognition of Teen Tech Week, the RICM presented “Make your Own Video Game” workshop at the Somerset library. RICM taught MIT’s Scratch Program an innovative and digitally-rich programming language for teens.
March 2, 2013, Bryan Bentz of Bentz Engineering, LLC Visited the museum. Bentz Engineering does software engineering with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, good user interface design, database systems, data mining/machine learning, and 3D visualization.They will be assisting in restoration of our MicroVax II. 

February 16, 2013, RICM is pleased to announce our organization has been entered into the GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program database.

February 2, 2013, John Bartholomew donated a PDP-11 Assembly Language book and a selection of VAX programming manuals.

January 19, 2013 - Donation of SGI O2 Computer from Blue Sky Studios.

January 9, 2013 – The Rhode Island Computer Museum will present a free exhibit and public presentation on January 9, 2013, 6:30 PM at the North Kingstown Library on the “Business History of Early Computers”. The presentation aims to examine the impact of Wang Computers on Rhode Island in the context of historic preservation. The presentation is part of ongoing cooperation between the Rhode Island Computer Museum and the library. This project is made possible through funding support from the Rhode Island Council for Humanities, an independent state affiliate of the "National Endowment for the Humanities".

January 5, 2013 Stacey Kent of Exeter RI donates a Kaypro Microcomputer. 

December 1, 2012 Bruce Maier donated a DEC PDP-KA10 Control Panel that he used while operating the KA10 in Long Island NY. University.

Dan, Mike, and Warren visited the MIT Museum and Warehouse. We got to see the last LINC system that was used in production, a very nice LINC-8, a Librascope LGP-30, parts of the Whirlwind and SAGE systems, and lots of very nice laboratory instruments.

November 10, 2012 Charles Lasner, a noted PDP-8 expert, visited the RICM.

November 9, 2012 Mereco donated an Intersystems DPS-1 S-100 bus computer with Lobo Diskette Chassis, a DEC VT52-NE terminal, a Zenith Z-19 Terminal, and a Texas Instrument Omni 800 printer. All are in excellent condition. After a few minutes of work we were able to get the DPS-1 to boot CP/M 2.2.

October 21, 2012 Mike visited the Computermuseum der Fakultät Informatik in Stuttgart Germany. They have a really great collection of demonstrable DEC PDP-8 systems, a running Librascope LGP-30 vacuum tube computer, HP 21 MX systems, an IBM 1130, working mechanical and Wang calculators, and many more systems. You really should visit if you have a chance.
October 20, 2012 Stephen Primost of Warwick Rhode Island donated a rare Morrow Computer and a TEI kit computer.

August 25, 2012- RICM took delivery of our new $49 Android Via APC! Come play with the APC!

August 14, David Getty donated a DEC PDP-8/S system that he used while he was a professor at Brown University.

August 9-10, 2012-  MIT museum curation staff visit for our first peer exchange. It was a fantastic experience and knowledge sharing event for our board.

August 4, 2012 -  J. Viktor Nahigian loaned the RICM a running Wang VS5000 system, and a Wang 2200 system.

August 3, 2012 - Dan, Mike, and Warren dropped of a Symbolics 3630 and a Symbolics 3635 that are on loan to The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University. While there we had a chance to tour their collection of scientific instruments and see the Harvard Mark I - Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (IBM "ASCC").
Click on the image for a larger view.

July 7, 2012- took delivery of our new $35 Raspberry Pi! Come play with the Pi!

June 29, 2012- Patricia Campbell donated a HP200LX and HP38G

June1- June 30, 2012 Visit our display at the North Kingstown Library on "Data Storage Collection"!

May 10, 2012 - See our keypunch machine!

Dan and Warren were celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.

April 21, 2012 RICM Earth Day Recycling Event and Bazaar

February 24, 2012 The Independent Newspaper visited and interviewed RICM staff.
The article is here:   http://www.neindependent.com/articles/2012/03/01/local/doc4f4f9c4fad97a956746771.txt 

February 17, 2012 David Leary of Coventry RI donated a 2 truck loads of misc microcomputers.

January 4, 2012 Daniel Leonard donated the CP/M and application diskettes for the Osborne Executive portable computer.

January 28, 2012 Lois Lopatin donated a Sharp 'lunchbox" PC 7000 potable computer

December 24, 2011 Daniel Leonard donated two Osborne Executive portable computers.   
December 11, 2011 Chuck Levine and Jeff Rose visited the museum and donated a Lexitron 1200 System.

November 13, 2011 The Cray SV1ex-1 system from the Fort Motor Company was delivered.
October 16, 2011 Norm Burger donated an 010 IBM keypunch and IBM 360/370 Control Panels.

September 24, 2011 Jud Leonard, Bryce Denny, and Wilson Snyder visited the museum and saw their signed framed CPU layout.
August 12, 2011 Ulrich N Fierz of Zurich Switzerland donated replacement keys for the PDP-8/L front panel.

July 16, 2011 Dr Douglas Lyons of Fairfield University donated software.

May 12, 2011 Jake Bishop of Floral Park NY donated a NCR system and an IBM RISC system.
May 10, 2011 Vince Pavlicek donated a table top PDP-8/S, a rack mount PDP-8/S, an OMD8S data-break chassis, and spare flipchip modules.

May 5, 2011 Beth Arena of MA donated a Chadwick Magic Brain Calculator.

March 12, 2011

Holiday and Dave Collins of Dover, MA. donated a Commuter 1084 Computer. 

Feb 12, 2011

Dan an Mike drove to Pennsylvania to rescue a PDP-8S, an PDP-11/34, and a TC11/TU56 DECtape.

Feb 19, 2011 

A Mac Plus and a Commodore 64 was donated by Steve Sweet of Groton CT


A Sol Terminal Computer was donated on February 5, 2010.

A Recycling Day is April 24, 201. Join us for the Day!

A Dec Robin Computer was donated by Al Zelly of MA June 26, 2010

A Osborne I was donated by Sheila Sullivan of NH June 28, 2010

A EAI 580 was donated by University of Michigan July 20, 2010

A Kangaroo was donated by Paula Stacey of RI July 24, 2010

A Next Computer was donated by Paula Stacey of RI

A Zenith 100 Home Computer was donated by Bob Dipippo of RI