The Wonderful World of the Apple ][

The Apple ][ (aka Apple II) debuted in June of 1977.

The 8-bit computer was ready-to-go out of the box. Powered by well known MOS Technology 6502 processor running at 1.023 MHz, working with 4KB of RAM, and having Integer BASIC build into ROM. This little machine was ready to get to work as soon as its new owner connected it to the TV or available monitor.

One of the first home computers to display color, the machine was a near instant hit.

Originally the Apple ][ was made to store and load data from cassette tape. However, once 5.25'' Disk ][ drive was released in 1978, the computer and its user base really started growing.

Apple II

The original Apple ][ was released in 1977. The machine at right is pictured with a

Data Cassette Deck and standard television. The computer would work as intended whether you had a color or black and white television.


Apple II plus