Computer Histories Page II

Stephan Richard Borden 1970 - 2003.

Stephan Borden was born on April 2, 1970, in Andover, Massachusetts. His exposure to computers started with handheld game toys that were introduced in the early 1980s. He soon graduated to a Sinclair Timex. It didnt take long before he felt the need for something more challenging, and he easily talked his father into a Commodore 64. Steve started out with action games like Jumpman on the C64 and eventually moved on to more cerebral games like Zork and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which he quickly mastered.

His Amiga system, his software, and his books and magazines were donated by his parents to the Rhode Island Computer Museum in 2004..

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Wayne Veatch

Wayne has been a valuable contributor to major San Francisco and Silicon Valley software companies, including Macromedia, BroadVision and ASK, where he revised and improved license and channel relationship agreements and closed many significant licensing and channel transactions. At the same time, he managed outside litigation matters and human resources disputes, as well as personally handling and settling lawsuits and claims before courts and administrative agencies, without the use of outside counsel.