Chadwick Magic Brain Calculator

Hi Dan,

Below a short paragraph about my grandfather to go with the Chadwick Magic Brain Calculator donation. Feel free to email me for an electronic copy if you would like one. Thanks again for letting us be a part of history.

Beth Arena

Russ Arena's History

Raised by immigrant parents, in a home where he was the oldest of 12 children, Rus Arena's life is true rags to riches story about the achievement of the American dream. He served the Navy during WWII and graduated from the New England School of Art in the years that followed.

Both creative and hardworking, he steadily rose through the ranks of the advertising department at Keystone Investments until he was Vice President. The ability to generate novel ideas and methods led to success in his business life and led to an appreciation for technology and innovation in his personal life. The Chadwick Magic Calculator is one of many pieces from his private collection of technology from the 20th century.

Chadwick Calculator (1955)

In the 1950's, the Japanese factories began making a low-priced version of the mechanical adding machine. Chadwick was the name of the company that manufactured them, and they became popular to purchase in the 5 & 10 dime stores.

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