Computer Histories VII

Lois Lopatin of Brookline Massachusetts sits with her 1986 Sharp "Lunchbox" PC 7000 portable computer.

This computer was one of the very first lightweight ergonomic portable computer computers. It is called a ‘lunchbox’ computer because its shape resembles that of a lunchbox. It has a detachable keyboard and a tilt screen. It has a Sharp portable thermal printer and a leather carrying case for both the computer and its printer. The Sharp PC-7000 uses the MS-DOS operating system and has two 5.25” floppy-disk drives; program diskettes are put in the in the A drive and data diskettes are put in the B drive. The total cost for the computer, printer and carrying case in 1986 was $2,000.

The computer was donated by Lois Lopatin of Brookline, MA who was the founder