Forum II

Dear RICM,

I was looking at your website and was pleased to see a SOL Terminal like the one I had. This was AHEAD of the APPLE I for introduction, I know because we had one in 1976 and went to a conference in California for either the International Halfway House Association or the American Correctional Association to demonstrate it, took it in back of van.

It has 36K on mother board, could buy expanded to 48K (we did) and it had the wide bootstrap to the disk drives, which I think were eight inch, floppies. We used a black and white television display and had one of those annoying daisy printers.

We could do something called Electric Pencil as a program to do text. You used <b> <b> to make changes which is why as a graying technorat it was easy to fall into doing web pages with HTML. There was also an accounting program, I think PeachTree (maybe under another name) had it. Each program had its own disk, and you saved stuff to the other disk [two disk drive REALLY BIG about the side of a desktop tower now]. You actually had to "bootstrap up" the computer by entering EXF800 to get it to wake itself up.

I know that we had it long before the Apple IIe came out because I bought one for my son for home use.

We could actually hook up to what was a telephone access via it to databases like DIALOG where we paid up to $150 or more an hour to do research which today is free to anyone on the internet. You could also randomly chat.

I tried to get my professors at CU to let me do my Ph.D. on communication within the "virtual world". They turned me down, said only engineers and scientists would use it. Now I use Facebook and Twitter and everything else in my classes.

Cherry Emerson