PDP- 8 Disk Emulator DS 32

PDP-8 Disk Emulator DS32

RICM member Warren Stearns is developing a PDP-8 Disk Emulator Broad to facilitate easy use of the DEC PDP-8/L and PDP-8/I systems.

The core of the board is the two PCLD XC9572 output chips. The XC9572 is a high-performance CPLD providing advanced in-system programming and test capabilities for general purposeLogic integration. It is comprised of eight 36V18 Function Blocks, providing 1,600 usable Gates with propagation delays of 7.5 ns.

Warren is writing code so the signals will work on a standard PC connected to a small Arduino board thru the USB port. Warren also wrote an application that reads a line of I/O codes from the file and emulates a DS32 Disk Drive.

The prototype purple boards have been delivered and beta testing will start shortly.