Warren's Flip-Chip Tester

Debugging a DEC PDP-8 that has not run in 20-30 years is a nearly impossible task. So much of the processor is usually broken that there is not enough functional logic to even begin debugging. When we started working on the DEC PDP-8/L we could debug and repair about 1-2 FlipChips (the boards in the PDP-8/I, PDP-8/L, and PDP-12) per Saturday workday. It was going to take years of Saturdays to get the system running. Our volunteer Waren Stearns made a tester for the FlipChip used in these systems.

Standard 0.1" jumpers connect the pins on the FlipChip socket to the SPI chips so that individual signals can be disconnected for debugging.

Additional resistors are located on the board that can be connected to high-current signals to provide an additional load.