The 8-Bit Bazaar


Sunday September 23, 2018, Noon until 5:00PM


The 8-bit Bazaar is co-sponsored by, Rhode Island Computer Museum(, NEON RetroFest ( and hosted by FreePlay Bar & Arcade (


The 8-bit Bazaar is a marketplace of retro tech, games, and ephemera in Providence, RI. We carefully select vendors that sell interesting and amazing warez that fit our retro-futurist theme. The vendor fee is only $25. Patrons pay a $6 admission and are able to play Freeplay's vast collection of arcade games while they shop. We will also have a live DJ playing synthwave music.


Freeplay Bar & Arcade is located @ 182 Pine Street Providence, Rhode Island.


Past drew around 300 people exchanging parts, buying games and having fun!. We expect that this event will be even better attended than the last!


The 8-bit Bazaar offers retro tech and gaming enthusiasts a place to buy the things they love.