MTI Storage Servers

These two MTI Storage Servers were part of the VAX Cluster consisting of the 8650, 7000, 6000-51 and 6000-410.

This MTI cabinet has a Scorpion Cluster Interface at the top right and another at the middle right.

There are three SCSI disk arrays at the top, then the SCSI interface for the DLT tape drivem then a single SCSI disk.

From the back we can see the two Scorpion CI interfaces at the top and middle left. The blue COAX cables on the CIs connect to the CI Star Coupler at the bottom right of the cabinet. The Star Couplers connect all of the VAX systems and the other MTI cabinet.

The DLT tape drive and the SCSI disk at the bottom of the cabinet are not cabled to the CIs.