Current Library Workshop Offerings New for- 2020- Virtual Workshops!

In response to COVID-19, the museum will offer Virtual Workshops for the follow: Stop Motion, Make Your Own, Video Game, TinkerCAD  and Sonic Pi 

Please note, in response to COVID-19, the museum is temporarily closed for house days to the general public.  This also applies to our regular volunteers doing their weekly work. We plan to take appointments for visitors and you can email us for any questions. We are hoping to get through this quickly and re-open the learning lab to normal hours very soon!
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Retro Game Night!

        March 21st,  6:00PM - 9:00PM

Rhode Island Computer Museum’s (RICM) is hosting A Retro Game Night March 21, 2020 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Adults who grew up during the golden age of video games should be prepared to take a trip down memory lane.  We're dusting off the consoles of yore, including Atari, Intellivision, SNES, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Colecovision, N64 and more!

You can also feel free to bring any systems and games you want to play - provided it's old retro.  We will provide the Popcorn and refreshments while you have fun discussing, reminiscing and (of course) playing these great games/systems. BONUS: Interested in present/future gaming?  Come check out our immersive VR demos in the lab as well! 


Open Games on at 6 PM / Games off at 9 PM / over 18 Age / Suggested Donation $10

        Learn about Raspberry Pi's 

We invite you to come explore, code, and create at our Learning Lab! We're located at The Meadows Professional Office Park, 1130 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852. You'll find us in Building C, Suite 103 on the upper lot. We look forward to seeing you soon, and in the meantime you can check out a few of our current learning experiences below:

Learn Raspberry Pi Basics

This workshop is for anyone that wants to learn about the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi® is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

The Raspberry Pi computer is a miniature ARM (phone) based PC which can do many of the things a desktop PC can do like word-processing, games, or playing back High-Definition video. We will put together basic component electrical circuits; learn about input and output; and explore basic python programming concepts and practices. Participants will gain a working knowledge of using a breadboard, Sonic Pi, and programming environment basics.

Make Your Own Video Games

Have you ever wondered how the designers of your favorite games work their magic? Come "crack the code" of games in the Rhode Island Computer Museum's "Make Your Own Video Game" workshop. This is a great chance to put down your controllers, dive into learning the
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interactive "Scratch" software--a user-friendly program developed by MIT to teach software coding--and create your very own video game sample.

Presented by our learning team, the workshop also features a fascinating exhibit on “Historic Video Games” that explains the impact of Early Video Games and describes how designers used to go about making games. Participants will walk away with the skills they need to develop their own games and a deeper understanding of the history of technology. Game ON!

Learning Lab Tours

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Geek out at our Learning Lab! Visit the Learning Lab website to see what's happening and learn about our workshops. Call us or e-mail us if you want to join our community of coders, makers, and tinkerers as a student, volunteer, or curious explorer of all things tech.

CALL US: (401) 741-6997
EMAIL US: dan@ricomputermuseum.org
merle@ricomputermuseum.org or
Halt and Catch Fire

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Professional Development Opportunities:

Welcome to the Rhode Island Computer Museum Online!

Our "Computer Crypt" is jam-packed with amazing technological artifacts, and we are dedicated to bringing these bits and bytes of history to light for people. You can contact us to schedule a tour, and we also loan our artifacts to filmmakers. You can see our vintage tech in "Hidden Figures," "Maniac," "Halt and Catch Fire," and many other productions.

Our crypt's artifacts inspire artists, as well as vintage tech buffs. You'll find pieces from an art project by writer/artist Kimberly Elliott on this site, and in the slideshow above you'll see three fabulous little sculptures of birds by Ann Smith (find her on etsy). Ann spends her days making little robot-like sculptures from broken electronics and machine parts (including some from the recycling bins of our Computer Crypt!). Her sculptures are sold in galleries and museums throughout the U.S., and are used as illustrations for publications. She has received local and international press from Wired, Make Magazine, PBS Boston, DPI Magazine in Taiwan, Architectural Digest (Germany), and many others.

Kind Words for RICM from "Donna Clark"

We're big fans of actress Kerry Bishé from "Halt and Catch Fire," and it turns out the feeling is mutual! Thanks, Kerry!


Computer History Stories

Check out some of the stories behind the items in our Computer Crypt and collections in Computer History Stories From Around the States.

Photo of men with Univac
(Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress)

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