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9"RIMOSA Classes Power by RICM 2022"

Exciting news! RICM will be expanding our STEM programs to STEAM – we’re absorbing the wonderful hands-on, open-ended educational programs from the Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art. Learn more here about “RIMOSA Workshops Powered by RICM” and watch our website for details on when these programs will be available!

"F24 Greenpower Racing Ninigret Park May 19, 2022"

Ninigret Park : 9:00AM- NOON

The Rhode Island Computer Museum (RICM) in partnership with the Exeter-West Greenwich Junior/Senior High School Library and the Chariho Regional High School Library has been selected by OLIS for an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded grant to support learning. The partnership will participate in the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge, a hands-on STEM project that encourages students to explore aspects of design and teamwork. Opportunities for hands-on, in-person collaborative learning have been limited during the pandemic and this project will give over 30 students the opportunity to connect with peers, library staff, career and technical faculty, and a mentor from the RI Computer Museum to build and customize a formula-24 car kit as a real-world exploration of STEM careers. (www.F24greenpower.org)

Dan Berman - RICM Director

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The past causes the present, and so the future….

Why do we save old Computers?

Computer History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

Three reasons to save old computers and study Computer History:

  1. We learn from the past! By studying computers of the past, you will learn more about what makes new computers work the way they do.

  2. History is the study of change and saving old computers allows us to understand change. The world is constantly changing, so understanding the role of change in society helps you interpret the world in its current state. Few things in the modern world change as quickly as computer technology.