This system was donated by Don Koch on 8/2/20.

The IRIS 3130, S/N 2222, from the mid 1980s is the largest of the IRIS family, and the best of the IRIS 3000 family. It has a 68020 based CPU board and has a Multibus backplane. We received the 19" monitor, keyboard, mouse, and video cable, so we have everything to make it run.

The system disk originally had the GL2-W3.4 Operating System installed, but it may have been upgraded to GL2-W3.6.

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Not as pretty as more modern SGI machines.

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The configuration sheet for the IRIS 3130

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From left to right:

    1. IM1-4 4MB RAM

    2. IM1-4 4MB RAM

    3. FP1 Floating Point

    4. IP2 16 MHz 68020 CPU

    5. ENET Exelan Exos 201 Ethernet

    6. Interphase Storager 3030 ESDI/ST-506/QIC-02

    7. BP3 Bitplane

    8. BP3 Bitplane

    9. BP3 Bitplane

    10. BP3 Bitplane

    11. BP3 Bitplane

    12. BP3 Bitplane

    13. BP3 Bitplane

    14. BP3 Bitplane

    15. DC4 Display Controller

    16. UC4 Update Controller

    17. GF2 Frame Buffer

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The storage devices are in the top of the chassis above the card cage

The first drive at the top left is a Hitachi DK512-17 134MB ESDI

The second drive at the bottom right is a Hitachi DK512-12 94MB ESDI

The drive at the bottom left is a Cypher 60MB Quarter-Inch Cartridge tape drive