IBM 5364 S/36 PC

The IBM model 5364 was called the "System/36 PC" or "Desktop 36" (and also, informally, the "Baby/36" by some - but this name was later attached to a software program produced by California Software Products, Inc.). The 5364 was a June 1985 attempt by IBM to implement a System/36 on PC-sized hardware. Inside, there were IBM chips, but the cabinet size was reminiscent of an IBM PC-AT of the period. The machine had a 1.2 MB 5.25-inch diskette drive, which was incompatible with PCs and with other S/36s. The control panel/system console (connected via an expansion card) was an IBM PC with at least 256KB RAM.

The RICM has four of these systems. We need to look for a PC that had the special interface card and software so that it can be a system Console.