DEC PDP-8/S #4

PDP-8/S (S/N 149) was donated by David Getty of Bedford Massachusetts. David provided the following information about the computer.

I acquired the computer (PDP-8/S) in 1970 when I was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Brown University. I and my students used the computer in perceptual studies, mostly in the study of human timing processes, important in speech and music production and perception. The computer system was last fired up in 1976 when I left Brown to take up a position as a Senior Scientist at BBN Technologies in Cambridge. The computer came with me to BBN, but I never set up the system again since BBN had much more advanced computing technologies available to me. So, the computer system has been sitting in my garage unused since 1976. Yes, the wiring on the upper rack was designed and wrapped by me and my students, including I believe the controller for the Decitek reader and the high speed punch. Other circuitry was indeed related to controlling experiments. It interfaced with a Mac Panel device, which allowed us a great deal of flexibility in configuring experiments without rewiring the controller.

As you’ll see in the photos, the computer is mounted in an open relay rack together with a Decitek high-speed paper tape reader and an expansion box containing a lot of wired logic modules (presumably cir