TI 990/10 & 990/12

These TI systems were donated by State Street Consultants of Boston on March 9, 2002.

The TI-990/10 and 99/12 are part of a family of 16-bit minicomputers sold in the 1970s and 1980s. One unique architectural feature is the use of registers in memory. A real register, the Workspace Pointer points to a chunk of memory that holds the register values. Doing a context switch is simply changing the value in the Workspace Pointer.

The TI-990/10 is a TTL based processor that runs at about 4.5 MHz. With memory mapping it can support 2M bytes of memory.

The TI-990/12 is a Schottky TTL based processor with memory mapping that supports 2M bytes, workspace caching, hardware floating point, extended mode instructions and writeable control store.

We have lots of documentation and spare parts for these systems.

The TI-990/12 in a 17 slot chassis with a Programmer's Panel.

The TI-990/12 System Chassis Configuration label.

The TI-990/10 in a 13 slot chassis.

The maintenance contract for the 990/10 system.

A TI WD800A 69.3 MB disk without tape for the 990/12

A TI WD800A 69.3 MB disk and a ? MB disk the 990/12

A TI 931 Terminal

Spare boards for the 990 systems.