Portable Digital Notepad

A.T. Cross Company

Model CP41001-01XPAD, S/N 016837

The CrossPad, introduced in 1997, is a Portable Digital Notepad made by the A. T. Cross Company of Lincoln, RI. The notepad was also sold by IBM. The original price for the notepad was $399.00. The special pen for the notepad contains normal ink for writing on paper and a radio transmitter that the notepad uses for locating the position of the pen. A small display at the bottom of the notepad provides feedback about commands you give. There are also six buttons which can be activated using by the pen. The notepad saves up to 50 pages of notes and drawings in digital format that can be uploaded to a Windows 95 application on a PC. Notes from the notepad can be converted to text files so they can be edited and emailed.

A smaller version of the CrossPad, called the CrossPad XP, was introduced a year later. Neither CrossPad achieved the market success that A.T. Cross and IBM hoped for, so the product was discontinued in 2001.

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