Televideo TP 720 Printer

Dear RWeasel,

Searching the Rhode Island Computer Museum site for “contact,” yours is the only email address I could find. I have a TeleVideo TP 720 daisy wheel printer, manufactured and sold by TeleVideo Systems , Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA in 1983. I purchased it when I worked for TeleVideo, used it with my home TeleVideo computer, cared for it and stored it in my garage in the original packaging, in case I wanted to use it with another CP/M computer, as it is a serial printer. That won't happen, so I would like to find a good home for it.

I offered it to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, just up the highway from Sunnyvale. They said they did not want it, as they already have several daisy wheel printers, which is not the point, but gave the name of your museum as possibly being interested. I see you do have a couple of TeleVideo products, including a PM 286, with a printer cable connection.

This printer is of historical interest because there weren't very many of them made and sold. TeleVideo hired an engineer from Qume to design a daisy wheel printer which would compete with the then-market leader, Qume. By the time they finished the design and got it into production, however, daisy wheels were virtually obsolete, in favor of laserjet printers. It is in very good condition, complete with a good daisy wheel, carbon print “ribbon,”original cables and Operation Manual; see the photos.