Joysticks and Controllers

Here's a fun look at joysticks and controllers from video game systems and computers past and present!

Simple and Fun

When you ask someone what they think of when you say old video game controller, they usually repy "simple and fun." The CX-40 was the joystick bundled with every Atari 2600 console, even up to the recently released Atari Flashback 2 system.

It is just a 4 way joystick with one orange button. Back then it was just known as the 'Fire' button. It did the job, and did it well!

Did you know there was wireless version of the CX-40? The CX-42 was battery powered and connected via radio frequency to a receiver plugged into any standard 2600.

The Old Standard


Let's fast forward a few years to 1985. The controller that came bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System is another nostalgia trip for many who see it.

It was the first system to standardize a controller that did NOT have a joystick. It used the now universal cross pad or D-pad.

Durability was a nice feature as well, as many NES controller would be thrown in frustration, but always be ready to be picked up and played again.

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