PDP-8/E Restoration Log


Dan and Mike picked up the system, made an inventory of the components, and took lots of pictures.

This is Mike's first PDP-8 in his personal collection.


We removed all of the boards, the front panel, and the Omnibus backplane.

We picked the acorn shell parts from the Omnibus connectors, and blew off the dust with compressed air.

There is a manufacturing date on the Omnibus backplane of 5/14/74.

We vacuumed the mouse turds from inside of the chassis and cleaned the dust and grime from the sheet metal chassis.

We powered up just the power supply. All of the output voltages were within a few mV of the desired voltages.

We installed the Omnibus backplane. All of the voltages on the backplane were within specification.

We installed the front panel and powered on the power supply.

Some of the lamps glowed dimly. It may be designed this way to get the bulbs to turn on faster.