Prime Computer 2850

Prime Computer, Inc. was founded in Natick, Massachusetts 1972 by Robert Baron (President), Sidney Halligan (VP Sales), James Campbell (Director of Marketing), Joseph Cashen (VP Hardware Engineering), Robert Berkowitz (VP Manufacturing), William Poduska (VP Software Engineering) and John Carter (Director of Human Resources). The company originally produced clones of Honeywell 316 systems, and eventually went on to produce high performance systems that competed with the DEC VAX-11/780. By the late 1980s the performance of their systems could not compete with other systems. They closed their manufacturing and design departments and became Computervision. In 1998 Computervision was bought by Parametric Technology Corporation who is still in business today.

This 1988 vintage model 2850 system is rated at 1.5 MIPS so it is 50% faster than a DEC VAX 11/780.

The microcode diskette label.