DEC VAXserver 4000-300

The VAX 4000 Model 300, code-named "Pele", was introduced on 9 July 1990 at DECworld in Boston, Massachusetts. It used the time-sharing KA670-AA CPU module containing a 35.71 MHz (28 ns cycle time) Rigel chip set with a 128 KB external secondary cache protected by ECC built from 84 ns SRAM. It supported one to four MS670-BA (32 MB) or MS670-CA (64 MB) memory modules for 32 to 128 MB of memory. Q-bus was used for expansion. The Model 300 could be upgraded to a Model 400, Model 500 or Model 600 by replacing the backplane, CPU and memory module(s).

This VAX 4000-300 has the KA670-DA CPU, a 32 MB MS670-BA memory, a KZQSA SCSI controller, and a DEFQA FDDI Controller. The system also contains three 2 GB RF73 DSSI disks.

The front of the VAXserver 4000-300

The inside of the VAXserver 4000-300. The three RF73 DSSI disks are at the top left.