IMS International Personal Computer

In 1981 the Industrial Micro Systems Company introduced its Series 5000 (w/5.25” floppy drives) and the Series 8000 (w/8” floppy drives) computers. They were S-100 bus, CPM 2.2 based systems which had a robust linear power supply and a nickel plated steel chassis. The company also changed its name to “IMS International” and expanded its sales into the European market.

In 1982 the company introduced a S-100 bus multi-user Z80 slave board (A862, MPU) and began selling master/slave multi-user systems packaged with Software 2000’s TurboDos operating software. In 1983 IMS engineered one of the first S-100 switching power supplies or “switchers” for their Series 5000 computer.

In 1985 the company once again changed its name to L/F Technologies and introduced its S100+ line of master/slave board systems. Both a Z80B (A1270) and a 80186 (A1230) CPU master board, as well as several 80186 (A1240 and A1510) slave boards along with a Z80H (A1320) slave board were available for this computer. The new systems utilized an above board 26 conductor parallel data cable to communicate between the master and the slaves, making it unique among the other S-100 master/slave multi-user computers on the market.