IBM MagCard Selectric Typewriter 


The MagCard I Selectric unit.


Repair Log

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NOTES 20210815

MagCard (MC/ST) Observations

The card reader was full of foam but has been de-foamed, like the other equipment. It's in better condition than the MC/ST II. Its Selectric also appears to be mechanically complete, but severely gunked up, full of IBM foam, and frozen. After working the power switch back and forth and reseating the connectors, it powered on. It was stuck in a tab cycle, but mineral spirits cleared out the gunk and got it to idle normally.

The card reader has not been powered on yet, but appears mechanically intact except for two small PCBs on top which each have a piece snapped off in different locations (see photos near end of this page as of Oct 30th 2022). A service history log with a mag card tucked inside was found inside the lid, it's sticky due to all of the rotten foam. Currently we believe this unit will be easier to restore.

We were able to actuate one of the solenoids beneath the Selectric using an external power supply set to something around 24V (with successful actuation as low as 14V).

Shifting was demonstrated to work on the MC/ST's Selectric unit. Also, by manually actuating the character selection solenoids, we were able to get the Selectric to print arbitrary (albeit incorrect) characters. The typeball is too gunked to return properly, and the typeball is misaligned, but otherwise it was able to put carbon on paper. We recorded several slow-motion shots of it actuating.