Large Systems Collection

The large systems gallery consists of computers originally designed as servers, industrial controllers, large word-processing systems, batch processors, or are just generally large.

Unless otherwise noted, the collection is composed of photos of machines in the Museum's own collections. Permission is granted for use of these materials for educational purposes if an appropriate acknowledgment is made. As with all materials at this site, we welcome suggestions, corrections, and comments which may be directed to the Rector at

Large Systems Collection

  1. Apollo DN420 Workstation

  2. Apollo DN330 Workstation

  3. Ardent Titan

  4. Astronautics ZS-1

  5. Burroughs B800

  6. Calcomp System 25

  7. Control Data AN/AYK-14 Airborne Computer

  8. Cray Research EL-98

  9. Cray Research J-916

  10. Cray Research SV1

  11. Cray Research T3E-900

  12. Data General Aviion

  13. Data General Desktop Generation

  14. Data General Eclipse S/20