DEC PDP-11/34

DEC PDP-11/34, S/N AG11840, Built 19-AUG-77

Donated by Rich Cini of Syosset, NY on December 12, 2001.


This PDP-11/34 is a Unibus based 16 bit minicomputer manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation. It was introduced in 1977 and is an upgraded PDP 11/34. It can have a Cache Memory option and has the Floating Point option added for improved performance. It has memory management and supports a maximum of 256 KBytes of memory.

This machine has 128 KWords of RAM memory, two 2.5 MByte RK05 disk drives, a 10 MByte RL02 disk drive, and a RX02 dual floppy drive. It has the full Programmers Console front panel instead of the simpler Base front panel.

It was originally used by the psychology department at the University of Pennsylvania.

The 11/34a contains the following boards:

This is what the inside of the Unibus chassis looks like:

Note: The RL02 controller was added after the picture was taken.