Wang VS8460

Wang VS8460

This VS8460, donated by AIG Insurance, uses the CP12 processor and can support over 100 users. It has 64 bit system and memory buses and a 32 bit I/O bus.

On Sunday, March 27th, The Rhode Island Computer Museum effected the rescue of a large Wang VS-8460 system from Wall Street, New York City.

Initiated by a referral from Lee Courtney and Dag Spicer at the Computer Museum History Centre in California, the system was made

available through Garry Sprong, Edythe Childs and Steven Gorman of AIG Insurance.

Scheduling and loading assistance were provided by Bob Bergen, Gabriel Duque and Jack Calandra, Manager H.R.I.S. Operations. Also

appreciated was the assistance of Chester from building services.

Dan Berman, Geoff Rochat, Peter Rochat, Ron Fraser and Merle Peirce formed the museum rescue team. The complete system was loaded with

minimal effort and filled the rental truck. The Rhode Island-Gotham-Rhode Island turn was completed in only eleven hours.

The system is in good running condition and has Wang VS operating System version 7.21.09

Qty Model Number Description

1 VS 8460 CP12 - 16MB Memory CPU

1 VS-SCU-PCT System Control Unit IOC

3 23V97W WangNet Control IOC

1 23V98-4 SMD Disk IOC

2 70V98E-4 Caching Disk IOC

1 23V95-2 Telex Tape IOC

4 23V67 Modular Serial IOC

1 16 Port 270-1004 Multi Line T. C.

3 US-6550A TC Controllers

17 270-0975 TP-APA



1 2265V-2 288MB Removable Disk Drive

1 24" MASS Storage Rack with Disks

1 2276V-1 76MB Removable Add-on Disk

4 2268V-4R 442MB Fixed

1 2268V-6D 1.0GB Fixed

1 289-1986 650MB Fixed


1 2248V-1 Tri-density Tape Drive - Master

1 2248V-1S Tri-density Tape Drive - Slave


2 5575 1100 LPM Band

Printer (DP only) 1 LM900

900 LPM Matrix Printer

1 LCS15 Laser Composition System 15PP

4 289-1793 EAPA KITS 10K

53 289-1575 TP Adapters

5 WACS-1

2 4230-A Workstations

All necessary cables included.

Wang VS8460 Front View

Wang VS8460 Rear View

Wang VS8460 Inside Front View.