Apple iMac

The iMac G3, originally released as the iMac, was a series of Macintosh personal computers developed by Apple under the tenure of Apple's interim CEO and cofounder Steve Jobs after his return to the financially-troubled company. Stephen and Andrea Aronson purchased a iMac new and used it for a few years (in and around 2004) until they purchased a newer Apple computer. Stephen used the business program, "Clients and Profits" on it; they both used word processing and spreadsheets for personal and general household purposes; their children used it for games and learning.

After they stopped using it, they gave it to Steve’s aunt, Lois Lopatin, to put Reunion software on it so that she could transfer their family genealogy files on it. These files had been created by a friend who did the data input from paper family trees made in 1969. Reunion software only runs on Apple operating systems and Lois only had PCs at the time. In 2018, the genealogy files were transferred to a Mac laptop. The computer was donated to RICM in 2021 and is in working condition and has the reunion software still on it should anyone want to use the computer!