TEI Computer

Stephen Primost of Warwick Rhode Island donated this TEI microcomputer Kit by TEI Inc. For more than ten years, TEI has been a low profile manufacturer of electronic products for some of the largest OEM's in America. The company was vertically integrated, starting with raw materials and manufacturing all the parts needed for the end product.

In 1977, they started to produce a full line of computers based around the Intel 8080 microprocessor and CP/M operating system aimed at small business companies and liberal professions.

The PT-112 was the basic system of the PT series, Featuring 32 KB of RAM, a 24 x 80 display, a 5.25" 80 KB Shugart SA400 floppy drive and 5 available expansion slots.

The PT-212 was the same machine, with a 512 KB 8" Shugart SA800 floppy drive.

The PT-312 was sold with a dual 80 KB Floppy drive unit, and

The PT-412 with a dual 8" 512 KB unit.