This system was donated by Steve Hort on 7/27/17.

There is not much technical information available on this system, but it did come with a complete set of schematics. One document says that the BC/7 was originally made by Singer, and the product line was sold to Sperry/UNIVAC.

The BC/7 business system was available several configuration from floppy only, to large systems with disks and magnetic tapes. If this was a stand-alone business system it would have has another short cabinet that held the disk drives. It is also possible that this was the maintenance processor for a UNIVAC 1100/80 system.

One very cool feature of this system is the tiny CRT that is built into the left side of the control panel under the terminal.

Our larger UNIVAC has 8" floppy disk drives in the blank panels at the right rear of the system.

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