Morrow MD2

Stephen Primost of Warwick Rhode Island donated this Morrow MD2 microcomputer by Morrow Designs. The Morrow Micro Decision MD series was George Morrows answer to the high cost of personal computers in the early 80's. All three models were Z80 based single board computers (no S-100 bus) with two serial ports, and an expansion drive connector for external drives. The Micro Decision ran the CP/M operating system.

One notable feature of the Micro Decision is that it has no fan, this along with the fact that the drives spin only when accessed means the machine runs with no audible noise.

There were three models of the MD series. The MD-1 came with a single 5.25" single sided disk drive. The MD-2 came with two 5.25" single-sided drives, and the MD-3 came with two 5.25" double sided drives.