Cray Research J-916

Cray Research J-916

This 1995 Cray Research model J-916 and four PsiTech HIPPI Frame Buffers were donated by Georgetown University's Imaging Source and Information Science section. Introduced in 1995?, it found ready acceptance. This model is noteworthy for its combination of moderate size and high performance. Cray J90 systems were available with up to 32 processors. It has a SPARC based VME CPU to handle the I/O. The I/O processors boot from a SPARCstation 5 workstation. It runs version 8.0.3 of Cray's UNICOS operating system.

This system contains the following boards:

Mainframe Cabinet:

VME Chassis:

This Cray system came with four PsiTech Frame Buffers connected to the processor with HIPPI.

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This is the IOS for the Cray J916.

The board population is shown at the left.