Commodore Vic 20

The VIC-20 was Commodore's first home computer to have a color display, and it was the first home computer to sell more than one million units. In 1982, it was the best-selling home computer and was given the "Computer of the Year" award by International Computer Magazine. At its release, it sold for US$299.95 (1,000 DM) and for the price, it was a compact, user-friendly computer, even for new users.

Despite its small amount of memory, there have been numerous programs published, especially games on cassette and cartridge. There have also been many programs in the form of text for manual entry in computing magazines of the 1980s.

Its original name is derived from the newly developed VIC video chip (or, Video Interface Chip). In Germany, is was sold as the "VC-20", the name coming from Volkscomputer, meaning The People's Computer. Over its production lifetime, there were more than 3 million VIC-20 systems sold.