DEC AlphaServer 1200

This server was donated on 4/24/21 by Chuck Bradley with help from Bob Supnick and Emilio Latorre.

It is powered by two 533MHz 21164 Alpha processors, each with 256MB of RAM on 4x 64MB DIMMs.


  • Seven Fast SCSI-II disks in StorageWorks removable cartridges, most are 2.1GB

  • One 3.5" floppy

  • One CDROM

  • It also came with a disk expansion tower that can hold another 7x SCSI disks

It has 5x PCI and 1x PCI/EISA expansion slots containing a SCSI disk controller, 10/100 Ethernet board

The video is a giant Intergraph Realizm II CMST2590A graphics card , either a V25 or a Z25

External Ports:

  • One ECP/EPP parallel port

  • PS2 style keyboard and mouse

  • Three DB-9 serial ports, two available, and one for remote maintenance

  • One Ultra-SCSI VHDCI port

It has two 450W power supplied and weighs more than 100 pounds.

It can run Windows NT, OpenVMS, or Digital UNIX (Ultrix) operating systems. This one has OpenVMS 7.2 and Ultrix installed.