DEC MicroVAX 3400

The MicroVAX 3400, code named Mayfair II and using the KA640 CPU module, were entry-level to mid-range server computers introduced on October 19, 1988. It was intended to compete with the IBM AS/400.

This system contains a KA640 CPU, MS650-AA 8 MByte RAM, MS650-BA 16 MByte RAM, DEFQA FDDI Controller, and a TQK70 TK70 Tape Controller. The KA640 CPU has onboard Ethernet, serial, and DSSI disk controllers. The DSSI interface to the disks is similar to the Cluster Interconnect on larger VAX and PDP-10 systems. You can actually login to each DSSI drive to change its configuration or look at statistics.

The front of the MicroVAX 3400

Inside the MicroVAX 3400. There are three DSSI disks behind the grill at the top left.