Xerox 1810 Sunrise Portable Computer

October 1983

The Xerox 1810 portable computer has 64,000 characters of memory and can operate for 10 hours on rechargeable batteries, the company said. Its recommended list price is $2,195.

The 1810 has an 80-character, three-line liquid crystal display with graphics ability as well as a built-in speaker phone, tape recorder, teletypewriter, text editor and a four-function calculator.

''We anticipate portable computers, especially briefcase-sized ones, will be the fastest-growing segment of the massive microcomputer market,'' said Dwight Ryan, president of the Xerox Business Systems group. ''Xerox intends to remain a major player in the personal computer market.''

The 1810 has an 8-bit processor that is compatible with all CP-M software. When it is connected to the 1850 base station, it can also run programs written for MS-DOS operating systems, Xerox said.